Piggie Parodies Store

Thank you for visiting the brand new Piggie Parodies Store which is the main store to purchase my items.

I still have Etsy active but only with a few items due to traffic there and hopefully visitors there find there way here... thanks for dropping by!


Now for the first time, a collection of Piggie Parodies artworks in one book, join Batpig, Spiderpig and Detective Pigachu and more favourites in their adventures... plus some Bunny Parodies and a guest appearance from Meredith the Bunny!

This book is a collection of Piggie Parodies artworks from the very first ones, through to the favourites and even some more recent and unseen ones. Featuring the classics, plus a step-by-step on how the iconic BATPIG: THE FAT KNIGHT was created. Also for the first time, there is some info on the artist behind PIGGIE PARODIES, his pet rabbits who own him (Chewy McChew and Thumpy McThump) as well as a few pages dedicated to the new bunny designs.

So sit back and enjoy the randomness and fun that is PIGGIE PARODIES in this book, which is a “Volume 1” in a future collection of the artwork fans on social media have come to love.




What happened to Etsy?

Etsy happened to Etsy.... since the company went public fees have gone through the roof, sellers are forced to abide by ever-increasing policies and the seller is getting less and less support.

So, I decided to launch a new store independently on Shopify for both securities for my customers and myself. I shall still list items on Etsy but try to direct them to here.

Is Shopify better?

I genuinely think so, it is the most used independent eCommerce platform and the chances are you have purchased online from a store using Shopify already.

It also allows me to offer more payment alternatives for you and geo-locate postage and packing to give you more accurate checkout prices.

Do i need a Shopify account?

Accounts are optional: Customers can create an account, but it's not mandatory to create an account to check out. If customers do have an account and they're logged in, then their address information is filled automatically when they place an order.

Are the products the same quality as before?

Yes, I used independent suppliers based both in the UK and the USA so the products I sell will not change. The books I sell are printed by Amazon so you know the quality there also.

For other items i test myself first to check the quality and see if it is something i would be happy to buy myself.