Piggie Parodies is myself, and my little herd of five fuzzy cavies who use me as a slave to give them a never ending supply of hay, veggies and treats. Originally from Scotland, i moved to Norway years ago where i settled and slowly got more into design than DJing which was my main job for many years. 2018 see me relocating to France and concentrate more fully on this concept.

Now focussing primarily on Piggie Parodies with freelance work sharing my hours, i try to do more differing styles including Illustrations and new concepts as well as the popular parodies of TV, Film and Music!

I, along with my amazing girlfriend, have a herd of 15 rescued piggies which are sometimes the models as well as also using stock photography to get those images from idea to completion.

The ONLY selling platform i use is ETSY, so please beware of anything on sale not vi my official pages on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alan and Batpig’s legacy