Guinea Pigs in parody situations... an independent artist´s vision

This site is all about these furry little potatoes who are wonderful little creatures. Part fluff, part mayhem… all amazing!

Some of these parodies are of my own herd, some are stock photography… but all are the result of my fascination for them with their incredible mannerisms and thinking “what if Batman was a guinea Pig?”.

The legend of BATPIG

The one that started it all, Batpig (a.k.a. Thadeus) was my first and ultimately favourite guinea pig. 110% Abyssinian attitude in such a small fluffy body, this girl ruled her cage (along with several others who were almost twice her size) with an iron rule. What she wanted, she got… regardless of the others feelings! i did Batpig in around 90 minutes during an extended lunch break and the rest is history. Still to this day my favourite design.

The store

Using specialist companies based with the mainland U.S. i have, over the course of mid-late 2016, set up a store selling quality custom-printed-to-order tees and now phone case, mugs and more. Selling via this sites store, i use the industry leaders Neatoshop for my tee printing who are recognised as the best in the business and supplier Gooten for the other things, selling only quality products that i would personally buy myself.

Original works

All the images you see on this site are created within the pretext of being a parody. The actual animal portraits are either my own pets or they are legally purchased stock photography images. This means they are all created legally with no unlawfully obtained elements. With them being parodies and not actually using copyrighted logos or characters, this website and it´s creations are all about celebrating these wonderful creatures and paying tribute to icons.